Confetti ~ Kaleidoscope

Confetti ~ Kaleidoscope


£11.50 per litre, a favourite our ours, Kaleidoscope ~ Natural Delphinium Petal Confetti. A fun mix of all our home grown colours, 'Midnight Blue', 'icing sugar', 'candyfloss' and 'raspberry fool'! With pinks, purples, blues and creams this mix is full of colour and set to shine!

So how much do you need.......

I litre of delphinium & wildflower confetti will provide 10 handfuls for throwing confetti and fill 10 cones most people have enough confetti for half your guests (the ladies really)

......So if you have 100 guests 5 litres of confetti and 50 cones would be perfect x

Please allow 2 weeks for confetti delivery.